Peptide Firming Neck Cream.逆齡頸霜


|||One of the most complicated relationships a woman will ever have is with her neck. While we lavish hours and a myriad of creams on perfecting our faces, necks can often betray us.


Peptide Firming Neck Cream is full of good-for-you anti-aging ingredients such as Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Retinol.  It softens fine lines and creases and also boosts cell turnover to even out skin discoloration.


The cream also contains many organic and anti-oxidant herbs and plant based ingredients such as green tea extract, organic aloe vera, lavender, chamomile, milk thistle, blue green algae, and essential oils of calming Lavender, sensual Ylang Ylang, firming Sweet Fennel and detoxing Geranium.  It helps to plump the appearance of skin. Along with Collagen and Peptide to give the neck a more lifted appearance, prevent sagging from environmental aggressors, and leaves skin looking smooth and hydrated.  


Apply twice a day, starting at the bust line and moving upwards, to help the neck and décolleté look smoother and firmer.


** Can also be used as a neck mask:  3-4 times a week, apply a layer of Peptide Firming Neck Cream on neck,  then wrap with plastic wrap.  Remove plastic wrap after 10 minutes. Neck cream does not need to be washed off. 


Our neck cream provides nutrients for your neck which is necessary because it is one of the most overlooked but crucial areas for skin care.


你知道長時間用智慧型手機、總是在低頭狀態, 會不知不覺地造成深刻的頸紋嗎? 這是你不可或缺的頸部霜, 用來管理改善保護前胸與頸部脆弱的肌膚。姊妹們如果妳條頸黑mung mung, 色素過多,現在有救啦!

女人擁有最複雜的關係之一就是她的頸部。雖然我們花了很多時間和無數的面霜來保護我們的臉,但頸部往往會透露我們的年齡秘密, 所以千萬不要疏忽管理啊!

Peptide Firming Neck Cream 逆齡頸霜含有豐富的抗老成分,如Alpha Hydroxy Acids和Retinol (維他命A)。它可以柔化頸紋,同時促進細胞更新,使頸部膚色變均勻, 減退黑色素。

這個逆齡頸霜還含有許多有機和抗氧化草本和植物成分,如綠茶提取物,及各種植物精華。鎮靜的薰衣草精油,能淡化細紋的乳香精油,緊緻的甜茴香精油,和幫助排毒的古巴香脂精油。瞬時平滑表層肌膚,補水保濕。加入了能促進膠原蛋白增加的胜肽 Peptide (縮氨酸), 使頸部更加緊緻,防止環境侵害,並使皮膚看起來光滑和水潤。促進細胞再生,提高皮膚抵抗力與彈性。鞏固皮膚結構, 恢複皮膚青春光彩。


*亦可當頸膜使用, 每周三次, 晚上塗上一層逆齡頸霜, 然後包上保鮮膜, 10分鐘後把保鮮膜拿掉便可, 頸霜不用洗掉。

瞬間帶來提拉效果, 提高肌膚彈力,賦予肌膚活力Q彈。記得頸部和胸口皮膚都要保養啊!否則著低胸衫會跌Watt呢!