Silk Rose Foaming Cleanser 4 oz..蠶絲玫瑰潔面泡沫 4 oz.


|||Silk Rose Foaming Cleanser

This luxuriously foaming cleanser delivers a deep clean with added skin rejuvenating properties. It will leave your skin feeling fresh, clean and moist, not tight and dry. Plus, it is enriched with a combination of Rose Hydrosol, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Lavender, Nettle and Rose extracts to condition, hydrate and detoxify the skin, while providing nourishment every time you cleanse. Silk Amino Acids help maintain elasticity of the skin.  Sweet Almond Oil highly moisturizes, strengthens cellular membranes and fights free radicals and reduces the amount of oxidative damage to the skin.  It doesn't have any of the harsh detergents and toxic chemicals and is suitable for all skin types.  Extra mild and containing NO SLS.|||


這款奢華泡沫潔面乳帶來深層清潔效果,為肌膚恢復活力。 讓你的皮膚感覺清新,乾淨,濕潤,而不是緊繃和乾燥。 此外,它還含有玫瑰純露,檸檬草,迷迭香,薰衣草,蕁麻和玫瑰精華,可以調理,滋潤和排毒,同時每次清潔時都能提供營養。 絲氨基酸有助於保持皮膚彈性。 甜杏仁油高度滋潤,強化細胞膜,對抗自由基,減少對皮膚的氧化損傷。 它沒有任何刺激性的洗滌劑和有毒化學物質,適用於所有皮膚類型。 溫和且含有無SLS溫和柔化並去除老化角質,用後肌膚及毛孔得以潔淨無瑕,不會刺激皮膚及造成粗糙感。|||